Why choosing Australian Gold?

  • You tan faster
  • You tan darker
  • Your tan lasts longer
  • These lotions do not contain harmful substances

Tanning process:

  • The UV lights starts the process by which pigments are made.
  • The UV lights make the pigments oxidize and you tan!

Get you skin ready for UV rays to protect it and to get the best tan.

Australian Gold: Tan Faster - Get A Darker Tan - Stays Tan Longer!

Australian Gold makes you improve your tan from 30% to 40% depending on your skin!

The Tanning Process
For the best tan possible your body needs to receive healthy substances. You have to cover your skin with healthy lotions to protect it and to achieve a golden, sound tan. A healthy lotion is a lotion that facilitates the development of natural processes.
What benefits do I get from the sun?
It provides Vitamin D:
  • vitamin D facilitates bones' development
  • it helps osteoporosis prevention

It treats some skin diseases

It riduces the risks of:

  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Breast Cancer
  • Colon Cancer

It supports mental health, and reduces the effects of:

  • Seasons exchange 
  • Women's period
  • Depression

Strenghten the immune defense system and make decrease blood pressure

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