Protect your skin from the sun

After many years Australian Gold® deserved them the leader position in the sun screen lotions production.

The Outdoor, sun dedicated line, gives you a soft, moisturized and golden skin.

Australian Gold lotions grew to be known as working, quality lotions. They have different lines, from sun screens to bronzers. Forget the dry, sun burnt skin you had a after the first day at the beach and chose Australian Gold lotions!

Sun screen lotions give you the best  protection againts UVA and UVB rays. They give great preventions to sun burnt and they help you avoid skin aging.

A soft, moisturized and hydrateted skin tans better, darker and longer. Australian Gold® produces a wide choice of lotions introducing new outdoor products every  year;  Australian Gold's Development and Research center always aim to produce the best quality lotion for your skin.

Different skins, different reactions

Sun exposures

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